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My name is Lisa. 

Unspeakable Things Finally Spoken is a little project I've worked on for a few years in different online forms.  

My focus has always been self-therapy - I'm an Adult Survivor of years and years of childhood sexual abuse / incest (by my father), in concert with emotional and physical abuse (by both parents).  My stories of traumas I've experienced extend into adulthood and are complex.  Until my mid-30's - a bit less than a decade ago - I didn't realize how deeply I was affected. 

Over the years, my journey of trauma healing has shifted as I've realized that ALL adults have the opportunity for self-growth even without any Big T trauma involved.  

Self-love, self-awareness, intention, hope, desire ... these are common themes that every human could bring into their lives to enrich themselves and their relationships with each rippling circle of proximity -- from your immediate family, to your neighbors, to your local community, and beyond.

In this latest evolution of Unspeakable Things Finally Spoken, I focus on EXPRESSING YOURSELF through creative expressive playful things you can do every day in small and big ways.  The more options we allow ourselves to explore, the more likely that something in your own life will finally flow a little more freely each time you draw your creative awareness in that direction.  

At this point, I am not working with a professional therapist, but from time to time I've found the insights I gained to be helpful.  I'd love to work with someone trained in expressive therapies - jungian psychology or body-oriented / somatic therapy would be 2 areas that I think I'd benefit from at this point in my own unique process, but money and availability of services in my area are barriers.  I know I'm not alone here, but fortunately I'm doing pretty well exploring self-therapies.

I decided to share my healing process to hopefully let others know - You're Not Alone!  

Once I finally truly understood that so much of what has caused me problems as an adult survivor is very normal considering the circumstances, I felt me immense relief and validation.   Letting go of guilt and shame became easier with this understanding.  I began to be more HOPEFUL and that was so very important to me being able to commit more and more time and energy to self-growth.   

I hope to pass this sense of HOPE along to others.