Invoking My Day of Self-Love

Do you ever wonder if other people have had certain experiences you took for granted (especially as a child), but looking back you really start to wonder if it was common to many, or rare treasures?

As a younger child, 
I spent many sunny summer days
laying and sitting on the ground
(often reading, sometimes observing nature, 
sometimes just Being there with Nature).  
I recall feeling the coolness of the grass against my skin.  
On many occasions, I recall feeling
an extra level of coolness,
and reaching down to feel my skin,
and finding that an earthworm
had traveled to the surface, 
and found my body, again.
Each time a surprise, 
a welcome visit from a friend.

Obviously earthworms often surface after a rain,
But on a sunny summer afternoon
When a girl communes with the ground
Some earthworms were drawn to a girl's skin,
Or perhaps they had a message for her
One she's only now starting to become aware.

Earthworm - this morning - joins my troupe of "spirit animals", perhaps representing My Inner Self - we shall see in time, and today I plan to spend a lot of time in play - creative - intuitive mode.  

I'm preparing now, with contemplation and hydration (inside and out) and nourishing food, and soon with energy-inspiring sound.  

A bit later, I will engage in breath meditation, yoga / dance (bodywork), a nature walk to bury coffee grounds and other food for the earthworms and to take photos in the small woods next to my apartment, free-writing several times, playing my husband's new theremini and my singing bowls, stretch my emerging singing voice, etc etc etc (there's a lot of et cetera-ing I'm hoping to invite) ... capped off with intuitive painting for at least an hour.   Naturally, I will allow intuition and instinct to alter these plans organically.

I'm grateful to have this time today to be able to experience solitude and a wide range of creative expressions.  #selflove  

I am very aware that it truly is a Privilege, and I wish the same for anyone in need of healing and self-growth (so EVERYONE).  

<3 Lisa

"The world is changing in our favor..." #quotelove #hope

"The world is changing in our favor..." #quotelove #hope

Entering a New Relationship with Yourself Through Creative Expression <3

Entering a New Relationship with Yourself Through Creative Expression <3